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  Movie Title: Area Boys
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  • Movie Title:Area Boys
  • Venue:15 Afolabi Lesi Street, behind town planning way, Illupeju, Lagos
  • Audition Date:24th - 26th April, 2012
  • Time:10:00am daily
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Set within the motor-parks and down-trodden streets of Shomolu in Lagos, "Area Boy" is about the rise of a young thug called Seke Lawal within the Area Fraternity of Shomolu in Lagos.

Due to the harsh realities of life, Seke is forced into the life of an area boy to help his pepper selling mother in the upbringing of his siblings.

In the cause of a falling out between him and his former boss, a bus conductor, Baba Aliyu is impressed by Seke and takes him under his wings. As the years go by, Seke finds himself caught between a hard rock and the deep blue sea; pulled between loyalty to his area father Baba Aliyu and his friendship to the increasingly popular M.C Moshood.

The movie is packed with lots of thrills, betrayal, rivalry, deceit and power play.

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