About Us


TouchMedia Entertainment is to be a vertically integrated media company that is involved in production, publishing, distribution and related multimedia services of African media products across the world. It will engage the best of the film industry personnel in Nigeria and other African countries, like Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon and others to produce quality production for distribution.

TME aims to promote African values and traditions globally and become the gateway to the entertainment world within Africa. TouchMedia will achieve this by taking on the full cycle of the film industry from production to provision of content directly to the individual consumers. The heart of the business is to be a state-of-the-art distribution network that can unlock the full potential of the market and secure access to the African and global market.

Our Vision

To become the leading media group delivering African information and entertainment without borders.
It will promote the rapid integration of the African film industry into the mainstream of global media, encourage cultural development in Africa, attract development to Africa, and project the hope and common aspirations of the African community and race.

TouchMedia Entertainment Limited is the ultimate African business that is to share the positive and exciting experience of African life and culture in the most appealing and refreshing manner.

Our Mission

TME's goal is to establish, develop, maintain and sustain a global ethical media business that will be a market leader for African media production and its global distribution and offer an enduring platform for professionals to realize their career objectives when in line with its aspirations.

TME's approach is to deploy appropriate strategies to drive a professionally motivated and profit-oriented enterprise and it is committed to developing "household name" brands that people can trust. The cardinal focus of TME is Africa and more specifically Nigeria.

Our Philosophy

Movie making is not something that is new to the world and our philosophy is to make sure that we follow the standard practices and best practices that are used in other places in the world where movies are made excellently well and apply these same techniques to our own production.